About La Plume Media

At communications agency La Plume Media, founded in 2008, you’ve definitely come to the right place for any and all types of internal communications: standard internal communications, change communication, crisis communication, and employment communications. On top of that, La Plume offers specific target-group oriented marketing communications. Clients have the option of choosing a bespoke solution – from advice to implementation – or individual products, such as text, video, animation, design, infographics and a communications plan.

Honest communication

La Plume Media‚Äôs approach is all about honesty. Being honest with you, as a client, but equally being honest with each other. La Plume team members make good on their promises and tell it like it is. They like to go the extra mile to achieve the best results, because the quality of the product is paramount. Modesty aside, they’re actually incredibly proud of their portfolio. In between all that hard work, there has to be time to relax. And there is. Because the La Plume believe in having fun with their work as well as having fun as a team.

Creating connections

The La Plume Media team consists of experienced enthusiasts with a range of specializations. Whether you are looking for an advisor, a director, event organizer, DTP artist, copywriter or animator – the La Plume team can handle every imaginable form of communication on your behalf. Each and every day, they join forces to create the very best product, in close consultation with you, the client. La Plume Media’s mission is to create connections. With each other and with you.

Get connected with La Plume Media!
Get connected with La Plume Media!