Approach and rates


The professionals at La Plume Media enjoy working with you – in the true sense of the words. That means if your organization is facing a communication challenge or has a specific communications aim, you can just hand it over to us and the La Plume team will get to work. What can you expect? Solicited and unsolicited advice, a team of professionals who work for you with endless enthusiasm and a single point of contact throughout the process: so you know where you stand. Rapid response, transparent collaboration and clear agreements: that’s what La Plume Media stands for.


At La Plume Media, honesty is key. That means no artificially low quotes to win a job, no paragraphs full of fine print and no unexpected costs afterwards.

Project based

If you have a clearly defined assignment for La Plume Media, such a video,an infographic, or a one-off rewrite of your web content? Then you can request a quote for the work and pay for it after completion of the assignment.

    Hourly rate

    If you need communications support and want to be able to use all the specializations within La Plume Media (audiovisual, design, copywriters, consultants), then you can choose to pay an hourly rate. La Plume Media will keep track of your hours on a daily basis and will send you an invoice at the agreed intervals for the corresponding hours of work. 100% transparent.


      If you need help with communications on a regular basis, then getting a subscription to La Plume services might be the perfect solution for you. Subscribing means purchasing a certain number of hours per month and allocating them to La Plume Media’s specialists as needed. Each month, you will receive an invoice for the amount agreed upon. La Plume Media will indicate how many hours you have used and the remaining hours on your balance. You can also postpone your hours for a month if more convenient. On top of that, your long-term commitment to La Plumes means you get something in return: a discount on the hourly rate. The more hours you purchase, the higher your discount!