Project Description

ASML | Webcast All Employee Meeting

Every year, ASML organizes an All Employee Meeting. At this meeting, tens of thousands of ASML colleagues worldwide are updated on the latest technological developments, take a look at the past year and discuss the focus for the coming year. This is done through a global, private broadcast/webcast. Several thousand colleagues view these in groups, and can participate live by voting on certain statements and questions. NEP provides all the technology and La Plume Media has been responsible for the show direction of the All Employee Meeting since 2013, the content development of the broadcast, the technical development of the script, and the creative interpretation of the show. In 2021, La Plume Media, along with NEP and MediaMonks won a Dutch Interactive Award for the All Employee Meeting. The work for ASML’s annual All Employee Meeting was awarded the highest prize – gold! – in the ‘Corporate’ category.

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