La Plume Media won three international Internal Communications and Engagement Awards in 2023.

  • Silver for Best Internal Communications From The Retail Sector – Gall & Gall Journal
  • Bronze for Best Event – ASML’s All Employee Meeting
  • Bronze for Best Use of Content – Gall & Gall Journaal
  • In addition, Gall & Gall’s Goed Genieten Sessies received a ‘highly commended’ from the judges in the Best Event category.

The Internal Communications and Engagement Awards are presented to companies that have proven to effectively communicate with internal stakeholders.

La Plume Media is, for the second year in a row, one of the fastest growing companies in The Netherlands and has the right to call itself  FD Gazelle 2022.

The FD Gazelles, of the Financieele Dagblad newspaper, are the awards for the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands.

La Plume Media now has the right to call itself the FD Gazelle 2021. The FD Gazelles, of the Financieele Dagblad newspaper, are the awards for the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands.

La Plume Media won a Dutch Interactive Award alongside Creative Animal (NEP), ASML and MediaMonks. Our work for ASML’s annual digital All Employee Meeting won a GOLD Award in the ‘Corporate’ category.

The Dutch Interactive Awards honor the best online work of Dutch creators in areas such as concept, design and results. The awards in the ‘Corporate’ category relate to interactive platforms for companies and organizations.

The jury is impressed by this ‘golden’ case study. The ability to convey an experience to an international audience and with such an impact is to be commended. The work is technically daring and cleverly conceived. The fact that existing technology is used in an effective and innovative way is also very impressive. A beautiful interface that tugs at the heartstrings and looks truly interactive.

La Plume team member Veerle Focke (owner) won joint 2nd prize during the Haarlem Entrepreneurship Awards 2020 (Haarlemse Ondernemers Prijs 2020). The Haarlem Entrepreneurship Awards are presented by and for the Haarlem business community.

Veerle Focke is the youngest of the three finalists but, at the same time, has been an entrepreneur for 12 years. She entered the writing profession as a freelancer and then started her own company. The organic way her company developed is still evident in her style of leadership today. La Plume is the French word for feather (in Dutch: veer) and Veerle is the driving force (in Dutch: drijfveer) but, as she stresses, “it’s the members of the La Plume team who do the work.”

Veerle buzzes with energy and knows how to set clear goals for herself, her employees and her collaborative partners. She is able to think from the outside-in and shifts gear quickly to match her services to the needs of the customers. A driven, energetic and confident ‘power woman’.

From the glass office at Frame Offices near the train station, Veerle and her team work on internal and crisis communications strategies for clients at national and international companies. Mergers, acquisitions, shrinking and growing companies: you name it, Veerle can apply her skills as a communications specialist.

Veerle is undoubtedly ambitious and may function like a stern conductor for the ‘La Plume Orchestra’, however, she also knows better than anyone how to connect with, motivate and develop the young people in her team.

Veerle is an energetic entrepreneur who is not fazed by setbacks and crises. Haarlem should feel very proud of her. The jury believes Veerle to be a suitable finalist for the Haarlem Entrepreneurship Awards 2020.

Speech (not verbatim) by jury chair Masha Vos on behalf of the jury during the Final of the Haarlem Entrepreneurship Awards 2020 on Monday, 28 September 2020 at the Van der Valk Hotel Haarlem.